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Jumping Bean Cafe & Training has something for everyone in the family to get jumping into a healthy lifestyle or some relaxing time in our cafe.  Feel free to practise your english language with one of the trainers here from Canada.  he will always welcome your conversations and make you feel comfortable speaking english.  If too much sitting at the Cafe isnt enough to get you going lets get jumping into fun.  Below is list of our services and prices for anyone interested in trying something active and fun.  Come Jump with us this year for a safe and exciting day at Jumping Bean.

Trampoline Menu

☆Family & Group Plan☆             

2−4 people


30 mins 1500¥

60 mins 3000¥ 

1 Person

Weekday (Tues-Fri)

10mins   500¥

20mins   1000¥

30mins   1500¥

☆Family & Group Plan☆


2-4 people

Weekends/Holidays (Sat & Sun)

30 mins   2000¥

60 mins   4000¥

1 Person


10mins  500¥

20mins  1000¥

30mins  1500¥

Ticket Packages

Family & Group Package

    30mins 15000 11 jumps (1 jump off)


          ☆1 Person Plan

    10mins 5000¥   11jumps (1 jump off)

    20mins 10000¥ 11jumps (1 jump off)

    30mins 15000¥ 11jumps (1 jump off)


Trampoline safety recomendations say 1 children at a time.  it is ok to have 2-4 children on the trampoline but please do take care when jumping.  1 adult with small child is premitted.  Please be aware of big jumps and to take care when more then 1 person is on the trampoline.  If there is over four people jumping per reservation it is PLUS 500¥ per child or adult.

Thank you and happy safe Jumping.



トランポリン・トレーニング       カフェ  

火曜日〜金曜日     火曜日〜金曜日  11:00AM-17:30PM  11:00AM-17:30PM


土・日・祝日                 土・日・祝日

​10:30AM-17:00PM  11:00AM-17:00PM


定休日 月曜日

(月曜日が祝日の場合は営業 その週の火曜日はお休みとなります)







Tel: 052-701-8570





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