Jumping Bean is a place for families and atheletes to jump there way into fitness.  We offer personal training and group classes in TRX Suspension training.  Its a whole body experiance workout to get your heart jumping.  If Training isnt your thing then why not try our Springfree Trampolines to get your jump into health in a fun air time experiance.  After you jump your heart rate up in healthy ways your always welcome to relax in our cafe and healthy lifestyle space.  There is always something for any member of the family to get your heart rate going to get healthy and have fun while doing that.

Training Room​

We provide a Certified Personal Trainer that provides a way to jump start you into gettting healthy and in shape.  Weither its for weight lost, toning up, or for competitive training, we have a place to provid you with functional movement tools to get you moving into a healthy direction.  We also provide a popular class called TRX Suspension Training.  Certified TRX instructor will get you moving in a Functional way working on core, balance and overal health for any level of fitness.  Beginner and advance classes available.

Trampoline Room

Come jump with us "Springfree".  Its a fun and safe way to get active and no springs attached.  The worlds safest trampoline from the makers of Springfree Trampolines in Austrilia.  Come out and have a jumping blast on trampolines without springs.  Its something new and better yet safe for all ages without those scarey springs to put a hault in your jumping fun.  Just 10 minutes of jumping can be just as efective as 30 minutes of running, so why not come jump with us in fun altitude way.  Jump classes are also available to get your healthy lifestyle going.

Cafe and healthy lifestyle

Need a little liquid pick me up or somewhere to refresh your day.  Well come sit with us in our cafe and have a cup of coffee or a natural refresh of water. Our Cafe bar and 2nd floor Cafe space is your way to unwind from all the jumping and heart pumping activities.  Even if your day was not active, a great place to just unwind with some fun treats and tastes is something good for the soul.  Looking for some english conversation time, well we got you covered with our Personal Trainer from Canada who always is up for a conversation time with you, to help you feel comfortable speaking a foreign language such as English.

So come on Nagoya, come jump with us to get your day "Jumping"!



トランポリン・トレーニング       カフェ  

火曜日〜金曜日     火曜日〜金曜日  11:00AM-17:30PM  11:00AM-17:30PM


土・日・祝日                 土・日・祝日

​10:30AM-17:00PM  11:00AM-17:00PM


定休日 月曜日

(月曜日が祝日の場合は営業 その週の火曜日はお休みとなります)






Website: http://www.jumpingbean.club

Tel: 052-701-8570





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